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    Father Fracture

    Almost everyone has a Father Fracture to some degree. It affects our image, our ability to discover our GIFT and purpose, and it is the major reason why so few people ever make the difference for which they were created. Father Fracture represents an Identity Crisis of unprecedented scale.

    In this book, you will learn;

    •What a Father Fracture is

    •Indicators that you …

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    Use Your Authenticity Advantage

    Be Authentic! You have a special talent that can be developed to greatness. USE IT!

    Pretending to be what you are not is EXHAUSTING, byt being AUTHENTIC is exciting and gives you an advantage.

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    Employ Your GIFT

    In Employ Your GIFT, you will discover that:

    • You have a Special GIFT – everyone does.
    • It is special because only you have your GIFT.
    • Employing your GIFT is your purpose.
    • Operating in your GIFT is what makes a difference.

    You can choose to continue to struggle or you can choose to use your GIFT.

    Many books claim to be life-changing. This …