Asset DefinitionIf I asked you what your greatest asset is, how would you answer?

If you are a home owner you might say it is your home.

If you are a business owner you might say it is your business, or the products you make. You might even be one of the business owners that says his employees are his greatest asset.

Usually if asked that question most people would answer in terms of financials; as in assets and liabilities. That is probably because that is how the word asset is most often used today.

But that is now what I mean.

If you look up asset the first definition that would pop up is:

Asset, noun
a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.
“quick reflexes were his chief asset”

benefit, advantage, blessing, good point, strong point, selling point,strength, forte, virtue, recommendation, attraction, resource, boon, merit,bonus, plus, pro

“he sees his age as an asset”

So, to ask the question a little differently, what is the most valuable thing about you?

  • Again, some might answer with a possession they own. But what if you lost that possession? Could you get it back? What would you use to get it back? Might that not be the real asset?
  • Some might say their good looks.  But what happens when you get older and gravity takes a toll on your looks? Now what’s your greatest asset?
  • Some might say their athletic ability. But what happens when you can’t quite run as fast or leap as high as you once could? Now what’s your greatest asset?
  • Some might say it is their incredible intelligence? But what happens when you are the only one that knows how smart you are? Don’t you need other people in order to use that intelligence?
    So what’s the point? I’m glad you asked.

The first point is that reading this might be the first time you stopped to even think about your assets.

The real point is that you have one—an asset , I mean. There is something about you that sets you apart (in a good way) from others and makes you a valuable part of something bigger. Your greatest asset might really be

  • That you have the ability create wealth
  • That you are very attractive
  • That you have awesome athletic ability
  • That you are incredibly intelligent

It could also be that you

  • Brighten everyone’s day when you walk in a room
  • That you do things no one sees, but everyone appreciates
  • That you can get people to do things they didn’t think they could do
  • That you can teach things that really matter

The bottom line is that your greatest asset will have an influence on a large number of people. You were given your greatest asset by God as a gift to mankind. Everyone has such an asset.

What’s yours?

How are you using it?

Great food for thought to start off the new year off on the right foot.


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