That’s a good question if you think about it. But there are several different kinds of security and several people or agencies say they are in charge of it.

 From where do you get your security


For example:

  • There is the security of the country, and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • There is the security of your money in the stock market, and the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • There is your own private security, and we have a host of Private Security firms for that
  • There is financial security, for which there are financial consultants and the FDIC
  • There is personal security, for which we have the police
  • There is income security, for which we have unemployment insurance

With all these kinds of security, why is it that many people feel less secure now than in the past? Do you feel that way?

Part of the answer lays in the definition. The root word for security is secure.
The most common definition for secure used to be: 
Confident, assured in opinion or expectation: having no doubt

Today the most common definition for secure is:
Free from danger, free from risk of loss, or trustworthy and dependable

Those two definitions are pretty far apart. The first one is positive and has to do with the responsibility for one’s security resting within themselves. The second definition is based on fear of loss and puts the responsibility of security on someone else. It implies that your security comes from someone or something that you trust. And therein lies the problem.

If you are feeling insecure in some area it is probably because you are looking for your security to be provided by someone or something that is not completely trustworthy. No person or organization will ever be perfectly trustworthy, but today people and organizations are even less so than in days gone by. Can you say you are confident in our government to have your best interest in mind? What about your employer; do they think of you first? How about your friends, family or even your spouse? No matter how trustworthy they may be, eventually they will let you down.

Are you confident? Do you have an expectation of good? Are you free of doubt? If you are relying on someone else to provide them for you, then the answer is probably no.

So, what’s the point?

The point is that true security is your own responsibility, and not someone else’s. When you are confident about who you really are, the gift you have to offer the world and your purpose, then the confidence you exude will secure your future. If you lived in a country of such confident people, then your national security wouldn’t be in question and neither would your money, your privacy or any other kind of security.

That’s called freedom! And it begins with you being confident in who you are and the gift you have to offer.

Just saying.

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