The Income Master Key™

Your PURPOSE is to employ your GIFT and
Your INCOME is directly related to the
time spent pursuing your PURPOSE

The Income Master Key™
How to increase your income by finding your purpose 

Why do you want more income?

  • Because there is no such thing as job security
  • Don’t trust Company, Government, others
  • Security
  • Self-worth
  • For a sense of Value
  • Happiness
  • To get Stuff
  • Comfort
  • A Feeling of Accomplishment
  • More income will improve your Relationship
  • More income will give you more Influence
  • You’re a single parent

How do you try to increase your income?
(Not how do you try to make more money doing stupid stuff like having a garage sale or playing the lottery)  

  1. More education
    • Degrees- bachelor, MBA, doctorate for teaching, physical therapy, etc
    • Certificates- for IT, LEAN, six sigma, etc
  2. Change careers
  3. Start a business
  4. Work overtime
  5. Both family members work
  6. Second job
  7. Cut back/saving
  8. Investing

None of these really solve the problem. They don’t get to the root. …the real problem.

The REAL PROBLEM The real problem is that you are trying to make income it the wrong way.

The SOLUTION: A better, more excellent way What if you found that discovering your Purpose could actually lead to increasing your income? What if you found out that your God-given GIFT was actually the means for you to live the abundant life you have always wanted?

So, how do you find the Master Key and begin to
follow this more excellent way?

I have found that there are seven steps that
everyone has to go through.

The 7 steps:

  1. Your Catalyst
         – Something causes you to want to change, to wake up
  2. Discover who you really are      
        – Personality, Family, Generation, Money, Gender
  3. Discover Your GIFT    
       – More than just what you do, it is your unique and God-given way of thinking and making a difference.
  4. Discover your Desire                          
        – Your “Want To”: A strong internal intention sustained by the capacity to endure. 
  5. Discover Your Purpose  
        – Your purpose is to employ your GIFT. This is the “what” you were born to do.
  6. Create Income          
        – The by-product of employing your GIFT. Not just making money, but keeping it and using it to make a difference.
  7. Make a Difference         
        – Your unique way of applying your GIFT to a cause or vision. This is the “how” you were born to make a difference.


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