Discover Your Purpose

Do you want to discover your Purpose?

Many people wander through life with no idea of why they were created. It is amazing that most aren’t even looking for the answer. That’s why I’m excited you are reading this. You are one of the few that has decided to quit drifting and to live with purpose. The great news is that you have one…everybody does.

Let’s start with a definition: 

“Purpose is the reason a thing is created”

This implies you cannot give yourself a purpose, since you didn’t create yourself. So you have to discover what is already there. To find your purpose it really helps to find what the Creator had in mind when He created you. Here’s what He has to say on the matter: “As each one has a special gift, employ it serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace (unmerited favor) of God.”

So here is my practical definition of Purpose: 

“Your Purpose is to
employ your special gift”

In order to find your Purpose, you will need to answer three questions.

These questions are the subject of my book The Holy Hand Grenade;
how to get what you really want, really!

1. What do you want?

Believe it or not, most people don’t know what they really want. They don’t know their purpose or what will really make them happy. The result is a life without Passion. On the other hand…when you know what you want, are passionate about it, and are gifted to accomplish it, you would be amazed at what doors open for you.

2. What is your gift?

It is not possible to know what you want without first knowing your gift. The desire of your heart is directly tied to the thing you are gifted to do. Everyone has a gift.

3. Who are you, really?

The foundation for determining your gift and what you want is discovering who you really are. You may be masking your real identity for a variety of reasons, often to the point that you don’t allow the real you to come out. The good news is that the real you is perfectly suited for your gift, and for getting what you really want.

If you are seriously interested in
discovering your Purpose you will need the

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