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Thomas J. Gilroy is an author, lecturer, blogger and businessman. He and his wife, Mary, reside in Foxfire Village, N.C. He grew up in Dale City, Va., and attended the University of Virginia before being commissioned a Marine Corps officer. His military specialty was flying attack helicopters, where he received the nickname “TJ.”

TJ entered the business world after his Marine Corps career, becoming an executive in the tactical equipment industry and working closely with military, special operations and law enforcement organizations.

Early in his business career TJ found that the lessons he learned from a direct marketing business and professional development program were invaluable. He also learned that the better the questions he asked, the better the answers he received. Whether asking questions of his parents, his commanding officers in the Marine Corps, his wife, his mentor, his business associates, his friends, or most importantly God, the same always held true; ask good questions, get good answers. He found that the times of his life where he was just drifting or was really frustrated were also the times when he stopped asking questions.

TJ’s passion is working with people to help them discover their purpose. This passion led him to write the The Holy Hand Grenade, How to Get What You Really Want, Really! and The Income Master Key™, How to Increase Your Income by Finding Your Purpose.

TJ and Mary jointly own TMG Associates, LLC and conduct workshops and web based teaching. They teaches students to discover who they really are and help them to discover their gift. Additional courses in DISC personality profiles, Cyber Age Leadership and Faith-Based training are also provided.

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