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Why I do what I do?
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to put 100% of myself into something that really mattered. As a kid, my Dad was my idol, and I thought I wanted to be a career Marine as he was.  The respect Dad had from his fellow Marines was earned on the battlefield and from how he treated them. Dad was courageous, fair, truthful and loving. Who wouldn’t want to follow in those footsteps?


    TJ Cobra Pilot

Consequently, I began my career as a Marine Officer after college. I had visions of proving my mettle in battle  and  the friendships and respect that my father had. While my father was in the infantry, I chose aviation as my specialty. I thought being a pilot would be kind of like being a knight in the olden days. I imagined being gallant and cool, and the “chicks would dig it.” I found being a Marine pilot to be honorable, challenging, and I had many great friends and experiences as a result.


         Marine Barracks 8th & I

But after a few years I began to suspect that a career in the Marine Corps was not “IT” for me. The problem was that I didn’t know what I’d rather do, so I stayed in the Corps after my initial obligation was fulfilled. That was a fortunate decision because it allowed me to be stationed at the Marine Barracks in Washington, D.C. The barracks at 8th and I streets in D.C. is the show place of the Marine Corps. The Marines stationed there have the mission of protecting the Capitol, guarding Camp David, providing sentries at the White House, performing funerals at Arlington Cemetery and performing evening parades at the barracks and the Iwo Jima memorial. They are famous for their Silent Drill Team and the Marine Band, also known as the President’s Own.


White House aide

One of my additional duties at this prestigious station was to work at the White House as a Military Social Aide. As such, I would work at functions in the White House when the President or First Lady held an event.



          White House Library



It was at one of the White House State Dinners that I met and fell in love with my future bride. I was as one of the dozen or so Marine White House military Aides, while Mary did the same as one of the Navy’s Military Aides. Procrastination usually doesn’t pay off, but postponing my career decision did in this case or else I wouldn’t have met my wife. I still didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but now I had the right person to do “IT” with.



Coming from an Irish family, I was raised a Catholic. Before meeting Mary, and while in the Marine Corps, two chaplains and a Bishop ask me if I would consider entering the priesthood. Talk about getting you to think! I was one of those few weird Catholics that actually studied the tenants of my belief and read the Bible, and it must have showed. 
Fortunately I learned that being on God’s team didn’t necessarily mean I had to be a priest or a pastor, but that I did need to be dedicated to doing things His way. Whatever the “IT” was that I was going to dedicate 100% of myself toward would have some sort of spiritual aspect.

After being promoted to Major and Mary being promoted to Lieutenant Commander, we decided to leave the military to find “IT”. A couple of months before we actually separated from the military Mary was invited to an Amway presentation. I didn’t know anything about business and had never heard of Amway, so I had no opinion about it one way or the other.  It sounded like a good way to get into business for ourselves while we also pursued jobs in the business world, so we started our own Amway business.


       Speaking to Amway                        distributors                 



Without getting into details, we were moderately successful, speaking before crowds and learning a great deal about ourselves and about business. We also established a life-long relationship with our business mentor in the process. Even though we never really “made it” in Amway, the experience, knowledge and mentor relationship we gained have been invaluable.


I brought up the Amway experience because the self-development program that went along with it has led me to discover “IT”. The books we read and the counselling we continue to receive today have helped me to discover who I am and my Purpose. It helped me to understand that most people need a system to follow to find their purpose and to live the life God wants for them.


Unfortunately, I don’t think you can find that kind of system or self-development program in direct sales organizations anymore, so people are left to fend for themselves. Additionally, since most corporations don’t have a self-improvement system, unless you just get lucky, your chances of finding your purpose today are slim. And if you don’t find your God-given purpose, your chances of living the life you really want are even slimmer.



So that is why I do what I do. I have discovered a practical process that anyone can follow to find their purpose, create income and live the life God intended. Actually, there is nothing new about the process, it just hasn’t been followed very well for the last 1900 years.


I started teaching how to find your purpose after writing my first book, The Holy Hand Grenade. I naively thought people would find their gift and discover their purpose by reading the book and following its directions. Not so. I found that the principles had to be broken down into steps, which then had to be taught. Since then I created a business (The RIGHT Career) to help those transitioning careers. I have had the privilege to teach the principles found in The Holy Hand Grenade to church groups, servicemen transitioning from the military, law enforcement groups and groups of seeking individuals.


In the process of teaching the principles in The Holy Hand Grenade and helping people find their RIGHT Career, I discovered other needs. The number one thing that people told me they received from reading my book or attending a workshop was discovering who they really are. The number two thing that people discovered was the need to train their leaders using the principles they had learned. That is why I offer training to organizations on personality, strengths, leadership and teamwork.


According to Gallup organization surveys, and Frank Luntz, famous as an author and for conducting focus groups, the number one thing people want is a great job that produces more income.


The question is how? And I have your answer. I call the process of finding and employing your purpose The Income Master Key ™, and it will work for anyone that follows it. I have used it myself as an executive in the companies that I have worked for, and now in my own business. My purpose is to spread this process throughout the world so that it becomes the preferred way for people to find and pursue their reason for being.


As Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” This can be your day.

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